15 Facts on Michele’s Free Shred and E-waste Events

Michele K and Sergeant Shredder are ready to go to work for you!

Michele K and Sergeant Shredder are ready to go to work for you!

FAQ on Shred & E-waste Events

1. When is the next Shred/e-waste Event?

Saturday, April 25, 2015 from 9 to 1

2. Where is the Event?

Minnie Gant Elementary School in Long Beach. Minnie Gant’s address is 1854 E. Britton Drive. Closest cross streets are Atherton Street and Bellflower Blvd.
(Our Fall event is being held at Wilson High School – sign-up for reminder emails at www.ShredByMichele.com)
4. Who is shredding the papers?
Sergeant Shredder is a state bonded shredding company that will provide on-site shredding. www.sergeantshredder.com
3. How can I be sure my papers are being shredded securely?
You can watch on a video monitor as your papers move through the shredder.
4. Is there a fee for this service?
Absolutely not! This is a free shredding event.
5. How is it a fundraiser if there is no charge per box for shredding? 
We don’t require payment but donations are encouraged.
6. What type of papers can I bring?
Anything but newspaper, magazines or cardboard boxes.
7. Do I have to remove plastic, staples and paper clips?
No. Complete files can be shredded without the removal of clips and binders.
8. Is there a limited on how much paper I can bring?
If you can drive it to the site in a car, we can shred it. If you have a larger job, please call us to arrange off-site pick-up, as the school would receive credit for your paper donation.
9. How are the funds used?
By the Minnie Gant PTA to help with their increasingly needed budget.
10. Will there be a collection of Electronic Waste that day also?
Most certainly! This is where the bulk of our funds are raised!
11. What type of e-waste can I bring?
TV’s, computers, printers, remotes, monitors, circuit board, electron appliances. Click here for more information on Omnitech located in Los Alamitos. You can also drop off directly and benefit Minnie Gant!
12. Do you accept batteries?
We do! The E-waste company does not collect but Michele K & Team provide this as additional service. Please think about making a donation to Minnie Gant as a thank you!
13. Who runs this event?
Local Long Beach Realtor Michele K was the first person in  Long Beach to create an alliance with our generous and helpful Sergeant Shredder. Michele started this win-win program as a service to her clients while being able to raise funds for a local school. 
15. What if I have more questions?
Contact Michele K at 562-243-2171 or email her at Michele@FollowMeToHome.com or fill out the form below.

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When: Saturday, April 25, from 9 to 1. Come early as we have filled the truck to capacity in years past.

Where: Minnie Gant Elementary School, 1854 E. Britton Drive, Long Beach, CA 90815

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Shredding by Reliable Sergeant Shredder


Secure on-site document shredding – watch it on camera being shredded.

Bring your files, no need to remove staples, envelops or file clips! No newspapers or magazines please.

If you have a large amount of shredding let me know and Sergeant Shredder will do for a fee but a portion of the charge will be reimbursed to Stanford.

Electronic Waste Collection


​Bring your old TVs, computers, printers, remotes, cell phones, circuit boards, etc. for recycling and fundraising.

​More questions? Call Michele K at 562-243-2171

Oh, and thank you for your donations!

Please pass on this information to your family and friends


  1. Jose Medina says:

    I have about 40 boxes of files to shred and to know if you will accept them at the recycling site at Wilson High School to donate the shredding to them.

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