Condos, Townhouses and Cooperatives East Long Beach

Condos, Townhouses and Cooperatives in east Long Beach

East Long Beach is the area north of PCH and east of Redondo Avenue. Click on ‘See Results’ below for map. I fondly call this area the “suburbs” because you overwhelming find the quintessential single family home built in the 50s. Not to be overlooked are the following noteworthy condo, townhouse and cooperative complexes.  They were built in either the 60s or the 7os and each has it own distinct charm. Scroll through to get a feel for each complex and then use ‘See Results’ at bottom to see active listings.

Clark Terrace Condos

Known for its cool resort-like vibe, Clark Terrace has three buildings with a total of 90 units. Each building is three stories with interior units overlooking an award-winning landscaped pool area and subterranean parking. There are waterfalls, stylish outdoor furniture under a plant-covered lania, and a large pool and spa.  A nice feature are the elevators which are perfect for aging in place. Every unit is a two bedroom/two bath on a single level although there is one step down from kitchen into living area. The third story units have with a spacious loft.  Clark Terrace units have exceptionally high ceilings, functional gas-fireplace in the living room, and in-unit laundry. The cozy kitchens overlook dining and living area. Current HOA fees are $478 per month. Prices are hovering between $550,000 and $650,000.

The Fountains Townhouses

The Fountains are townhouses, meaning the units sit side-by-side. Buyers are attracted to the The Fountains for two very good reasons: it is gated and each unit has an attached double car garage. The complex has a pool, two spas, clubhouse and tennis courts. There are two and three bedroom models but all have vaulted ceilings, fireplaces, and patios. There are a total of 82 units in The Fountains. Current HOA dues are $415 per month. There is a wide price range depending on the townhomes size but typically they sell in the $650,000 price range. (February 2022)

Bixby Hill Gardens Townhouses

Bixby Hill Gardens are also townhomes. While this is also a gated community it differs in the fact that there is a security guard controlling the gate, and that gate is impressive. Bixby Hill Gardens lies within the gated community of Bixby Hill which contains the, not to be missed, historic Rancho Los Alamitos. These townhouses all have 2 car garages under the unit and they are multi-leveled with the bedrooms on the upper story. The complex has a club house, pool, spa and handball court. There are a total of 120 townhomes in Bixby Hill Garden. HOA fees vary according to size of townhouse but are lower than the other condo complexes in the area ($400/month). The prices for a typical two bedroom hover is the $700,000+ range. (February 2022)

Sovereign Park Estates Cooperative

Sovereign Park Estates is unique because it is a Cooperative. What is a Cooperative you ask? Condos are classified as Real Property, meaning the ownership is held and conveyed by Deeds. In a Cooperative  the owner holds stock in a corporation that owns the property. Each shareholder is entitled to exclusive use of their housing unit. 

When you purchase a Cooperative unit in Sovereign Park Estates you receive a stock certificate instead of a grant deed. You will still receive an annual tax bill from LA County Assessor for your unit. Your yearly tax bill is calculated using the purchase price and varies from city to city.

Perks of Sovereign Park Estates
  1. Lower prices compared to surrounding condo complexes. 
  2. Mostly owner-occupied. Obviously that is a negative if you are an investor but perfect if are looking for a quiet place to call home. Within the complex there is a pride of ownership and a sense of security.
  3. Location! Sovereign Park Estates is located in Los Altos and backs up to Park Estates. You can walk to stores, grab a bus or quickly get to freeways for an easy commute. 
  4. Superior construction. Built in 1965 with gorgeous hardwood floors, open layouts, solid walls and plenty of storage. The grounds are beautiful landscaped.
  5. All units come with a garage.
  6. HOA dues cover internet service and basic cable, water and trash. You only pay for electricity.
  7. Pools, pools, pools! There are total of five pools with one being heated all year long. 

There are a total of 156 units in Sovereign Park Estates. The HOA fees vary according to size of unit. Click here to see a map and models. Prices currently (Q1 2022) range from low $400,000 for one bedroom units with 680 square feet to $500,000+ for two bedroom unit. Click here for more information on Sovereign Park Estates.

Stoneybrook Villas Condos

Stoneybrook Villas is one the biggest condo complexes on the east side of Long Beach with total of 471 units on over 12 acres of land. This condo complex is excellently located in the Alamitos Heights area and is within walking distance of water at Marina Stadium. The grounds are spectacular with plenty of bamboo, quaint bridges and winding paths. Every condo complex has some type of club house but Stoneybrook Villas has a seriously nice clubhouse; it is large with multi-levels, floor to ceiling windows, plenty of tables, bar space and sofas. Plus it overlooks a truly resort-like pool area. 

Each of the 15 buildings has a total of three floors with subterranean parking and elevators. All condos are single story and come with a large porch. A condos location within the complex will effect its price; a condo along PCH will sell for less than a rear condo that has sweeping views to the water. 

Stoneybrook Villas is popular with both students/young professionals and people of retirement age. The HOA fees vary but hover between $350 and $430 per month. Units do not generally have in unit laundry but residents use the community laundry rooms located in each building. In most units you will find a galley kitchen and a combined dining room/living room area. The bedrooms are on either side of the living room and the porch will run along the bedrooms and living area. Condo prices (March 2020) range start at $350,000 for a one bedroom with 693 square feet to $550,000 for a large two bedroom with 1,271 square feet.

Miscellaneous Condos

You will find other condos within this mapped area. If you have a question about any of the active listings please do not hesitate to call me directly at 562-243-2171. I am always happy to help. Michele “K” – The Hardest Working Agent in Long Beach




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