Creative Financing for a First-time Buyer

My first Broker taught me whenever someone asks “How”s the market?” my immediate response should be, “It depends. Are you a seller, buyer or a renter?”. If ever that question was needed it is today. The market is perceived as stellar for sellers, terrible for buyers and tragic for renters.

Working with first-time buyers today takes tenacity, creativity and a positive spirit.

Just this week first-time buyers who I have worked with for the past eight months finally had an offer accepted 😁 Searching for a home isn’t an exact science because a home purchase is highly emotional and also a moving target. Sometimes we start out looking in a small defined area for a highly specific house. In this case, the area expanded and the specifics of the house changed.  So the moral of that story is that searching for a home is a journey of discovery. Oh, and also that journey can be quite long but if you have good companions it can be a lot of fun too.

My video is not my story but a fellow agents. Joe Mendez of Coldwell Banker Coastal Alliance came up with a solution for his buyer’s dilemma. Watch it! This may be something that would work for you too!

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