Free Shred & E-waste to Benefit Long Beach Academy

Free Shred and E-waste Event Saturday November 2 from 9 to 11:45 am at Wilson High School.

How it all started

A decade ago when looking for a way to jump start my career in real estate it was suggested I sponsor a free Shred and E-waste event. That initial idea has grown over years into something special that happens bi-annually; once in the fall at Wilson High and once in the spring at Millikan High School.

History of the Wilson High School Shred Event

Four years ago Wilson High School administrators connected me with Kimberly Johnson who was then the leader of The Female Leadership Academy. The Academy was looking for a way to raise funds and I was looking for a enthusiast group to host the event. It has become a perfect win-win-win situation. I see old friends and meet tons of new people (yes some attendees have become clients), attendees clean out their houses and The Female Leadership Academy raises nearly $3,000 per event.

What to expect at the Shred Event

The lines form early.  Gates open at 9:00 am at the ‘cages’ area in front of Blair Field. There is a steady stream of folks who have worked hard to de-clutter their homes of sensitive documents and electronic waste. Cars pull up to one of the two on-site shredding trucks and the Academy members help with the unloading of  documents. Attendees are invited to watch while their documents are shredded.

E-waste service is also provided. Getting rid of old TVs and computers has become difficult and costly. Omni-tech is on-site to take these items free of charge.

Our personal environmental contribution is the collecting of household batteries. You will find clearly marked collection buckets in the e-waste area.

All this service is absolutely free but donations to The Female Academy are greatly appreciated.

Gates closing promptly at 11:45 so don’t be late!

The Funds

This is the Academy’s only fundraiser of the year. The funds help supplement college field trips. The Female Leadership Academy is helpful for students who are serious about their education future.

Sensitive Document Shredding Rules

Rules for Shredding: no x-rays, newspapers or magazines. Papers with clips and staples are accepted. Do not leave your containers at the event because cardboard boxes and plastic bags can not be shredded. There is a 5 box limit per vehicle. If you have more questions feel free to contact Southern California Shredding at 949-305-5511.

Spring Event at Millikan High School

Our spring 2019 event at Millikan High School was a phenomenal success! Kudos to Millikan’s Female Academy for rising to the occasion. Mark your calendars for Millikan’s April 4, 2020 event!


Thanks to the hardworking members of the Academy. Thanks to Erin Fejkar for taking a leap of faith and allowing me to hold the first event. Special thanks to super organized Wilson Counselor Stephanie Bilvado for being there when I needed her the most. Thanks to my new partner at Millikan, English teacher Loretta George for being crazy enough to say yes and say yes again. Shout out to 3rd District Councilperson Suzie Price and her Legislative Assistant Gabriela Yates for helping with the batteries on November 2nd.

Lastly thank you to the attendees for generous donations and patience.  I am thankful that my ‘regulars’ have become my friends or it is my friends have become my regulars.


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