Play Los Altos Scavenger Hunt and Support Long Beach Eateries

Scavenger Hunt in Long Beach
Play the Los Altos Scavenger Hunt for prizes and enter to win $25 to a Long Beach eatery.

The Los Altos Scavenger Hunt is a fun way to get to know your neighborhood and support local eateries! Everyone who plays will receives a surprise and is entered into contest to win one of two $25 gift certificates to a local eatery.

Scavenger Hunt Clues

It is super easy to play and win! Start by downloading the entry form here.  Use the clues to find the homes. Write down the addresses on the entry form. There are only 12 locations and all are within the area mapped below. Perfect game to play while either biking or walking through the neighborhood.

Los Altos Scavenger Hunt Map

Scavenger Hunt Map









Winners Support Local Eateries

Return entry by July 1st form via email or simple text it to 562-243-2171. Two winners will be randomly drawn from completed entries. Winners get to choose $25 gift card to Crooked Duck, Great Mex, Sideyard Cafe or Rascals.

Send Photos!! Send Photos!! Send Photos!! Send Photos!!

We would love to share your adventure on social media! Text pictures to us at 562-243-2171. Check out our Facebook, and Instagram

The Scavenger Hunt

1. The name of the color on both the front and garage door comes from a mineral. Ancient cultures such as the Egyptians and Aztecs used this mineral to adorn their rulers. The color’s name was derived from the French word for Turkish because this mineral was first brought to Europe from Turkey. Hint: 2000 to 2100 block of McNab Avenue _________________________

2. The name of this tree in Spanish means “green stick”. The pollen is very sticky so it clings to the trunk.  Hint: 2000 block of Conquista Avenue________________________

3. Do you know the oldest one of these can be found in front of the Los Angeles Coliseum. We are not sure if it is a Queen or a King or a California variety but it certainly shines bright! Hint: 1900 to 2100 block of Snowden _____________________

4. It’s a twofer. We have a tall dog with a basket of flowers in his mouth and the most adorable child’s playhouse. Hint: 1900 block of Montair ___________ and ___________

5. Hey Hey diddle, diddle, The cat and the fiddle, The ___hint___ jumped over the moon; The little dog laughed To see such a sport, And the dish ran away from the spoon. Hint: 6200 to 6300 block of E Fairbrook Street _________________________________

6. They are the smallest migrating bird. They are the only birds that can fly backward. On average they weigh less than a nickel. Hint: 1900 block of Marber ______________

7. Warmly known as the ‘Disneyland’ house due to its Tudor design including a turret. Looking for its wood side gate with a heart cut-out. Hint: 1800 block of  Lave Avenue ____________________________________________

8. ’The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ was written in 1798 by English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Hint: 1800 block of Lave Avenue ___________________________________

9. There are very few homes that still have their original rock roofs from the 50s.  These roofs have a low pitch (or the rocks would fall off silly). In theory the white rocks reflect sun and heat during the day but cool down quickly in the evening. Hint: Either a home on 5800 block of Marita Street or a home on McNab Avenue will qualify as a find! __________________     or    _____________________

10. Long Beach Architect Edward Killingsworth designed Case Study House #25, “The Frank House” located in Naples and many buildings at CSULB. Killingsworth was known for including extra tall entry doors in his designs. We have not confirmed if this is a Killingsworth designed home but the front door is definitely Killingsworth worthy. Hint: 1800 block of College Place _______________________________

11. Someone on this street is looking at you with their binoculars and his dog is joining in the fun. Hint: 1800 block of Snowden Avenue ________________________________

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